Transform Your Trauma
Transform Your Trauma

For many of us, we’ve lived years of trauma and that trauma is what led to addiction and/or poor mental health. It’s what took us out of alignment, disrupted our internal world, shattered our ability to feel safe and connected, kept us stuck in the same cycles and patterns, and blocked our authentic selves.

If we don’t address our trauma, our internal world feels like a “jumbled mess” which is reflected in our external world (relationship issues, financial hardship, difficulty trusting others, unable to maintain employment, struggling to keep up with life, scared to leave the house, people-pleasing, striving for perfection, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurities, poor sleep and appetite, unable to maintain sobriety, etc).

Ignoring trauma blocks our potential to heal and recover.

When we make the brave decision to heal and recover and when we have the willingness to do the work it takes, we begin to make sense of the “jumbled mess” and because the brain and body are so brilliant, it is able to untangle what once blocked us, opening the pathway to healing, to recovering, to transforming…to freedom, something we all deserve.

As an LCSW, founder of Mindful Living, and the Clinical Director for Agape Behavioral Healthcare, I have several years of experience, personally + professionally, and thousands of clinical hours, one thing I am sure of is when we heal our trauma, we heal our addiction and our mental health.

7 Trauma Tips:

1. Connect to your breath as often as needed.
2. Practicing body awareness.
3. Create a Wellness Plan that supports your mind, body + spirit, and follow it daily.
4. Seek professional help, if needed.
5. Surround yourself with supportive people.
6. Use mindfulness as a tool to stay in the present moment.
7. Use affirmations such as “I am safe.”

Stephanie Robilio, LCSW
Published Author
Chief Clinical Officer at Agape Behavioral Healthcare

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