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Stephanie Robilio

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Stephanie Robilio graduated from Florida State University with Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Minor in psychology, before earning her Master’s of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. A Licensed Clinical social worker, Stephanie has over ten years of training in trauma, Mental Health, and more. She wants to help individuals connect to inner power and overcome barriers to create a life of wellness in mind, body, and spirit with a combination of:

Personalized Therapy
Exceptional Workshops and Retreats
Engaging Coaching
Educational Public Speaking Events
Effective Digital Courses

Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness
Mindfulness is a practice that can change your life dramatically by encouraging you to live in the moment. Living mindfully can help reduce stress, increase focus, help improve relationships, enhance your mental health, increase immune function, decrease anxiety, increase emotional regulation and self-control, and more.

The Magic Four

The Magic Four
This workbook and guide will pose 30 questions that take you through the Magic Four – Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability, and Action. By helping you have a clear understanding of yourself, accept what you can and cannot control, and take responsibility for your mistakes, you will learn skills to help maintain a balanced life.

Celebrate you

Celebrate You
Through this 30 day journey, you will learn how to filter negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You will have a better understanding of who you are, and you will have identified barriers that have kept you from living in the present moment. You will learn how to stay true to your most authentic self.

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