How to Discover Your Purpose
How to Discover Your Purpose

How do you discover your calling in life or purpose?

Everyone has unique abilities, gifts, and talents and it’s through the journey of healing and self-discovery that people often experience a transformation that brings light to their calling or purpose. This process is deeply personal and although there may be some similarities shared, there is not one way of getting there. In fact, one’s calling or life purpose can change depending on what stage of their life they are in. Here are 10 steps that can guide the process of discovering your calling or purpose:

1. Identify Your Interests: What do you enjoy the most? What brings you the most joy? To explore this, think about the times in your life when you felt the happiest and most fulfilled.

2. Name Your Values: What are your core beliefs and values? What is important to you? It’s important to live in alignment with what you value. You can use your inner compass to discover your purpose.

3. Trust your Gut: Listen to the voice within as the voice within typically knows what’s best and what it most wants. Spend less time questioning your intuition and learn to trust it.

4. Turn Your Pain into Purpose: More often than not the pain experienced has the ability to become purpose. Spend time reflecting on your past experiences and ask yourself “How can I turn this into purpose?” Spend more time looking inward for your calling and purpose than looking outside of yourself. The answers to life can be found within.

5. Be Inspired: Seeking inspiration is a helpful way to discover your calling or purpose. Take the time to read books, talk to the people who you look up to, listen to podcasts, and/or attend workshops. Through learning, you can discover new insights about yourself, which can help you determine your life’s purpose.

6. Be of Service: Find a way to give back and help others as this act of service is a powerful way to uncover what’s meant for you. It also has the power to create a shift in your energy and the energy of those around you and that in itself is purposeful.

7. Set Goals: Be consistent with setting goals that follow SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). The practice of goal setting can support you in finding the direction you want to go in life.

8. Be Open-Minded: There is no right or wrong decision as every decision offers a series of possibilities. Stay open-minded and learn from every perceived failure. Being open-minded could lead you to discover something you never thought of and could be the one thing that makes you feel the most alive. As you heal and evolve, your calling can change too.

9. Trust the Process: Every event is happening for you, not to you. Learn to trust the process and pay attention to your experiences. Your purpose can be hidden behind something making you question why you’re going through it.

10. Commit to your Mindset: Your perspective is your reality. Work on your mindset every day, be grateful for every experience, and use your perspective as a tool to discover your calling or purpose.

Ultimately, discovering your purpose is about becoming your most authentic self. It’s not a clear destination but rather a dynamic journey of self-discovery and continuous growth that can lead to a more meaningful and purposeful life. Lean into it all and trust the path that you are on.

Stephanie Robilio, LCSW
Published Author
Chief Clinical Officer at Agape Behavioral Healthcare

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