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Stephanie’s services include: therapy, workshops, coaching, public speaking, digital courses, and retreats.

Stephanie’s approach is highly effective. Stephanie is committed to bringing the upmost value to the individuals she has an opportunity to work with. Her approach is highly effective and she is known for helping individuals swiftly accomplish desired outcomes. If you are ready to break old patterns, transform your life, turn your dreams into reality, and live your life on purpose, with purpose connect with Stephanie NOW and let her help you get started.

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Aetna, Cigna + Evernoth, and United Healthcare

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Trained and Certified in Trauma Therapy

Are you ready to begin living in the moment?
Are you tired of dwelling on the disappointments of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow? Do you want to learn how to put yourself first so you can experience a happy, fulfilled life? Are you ready to make the commitment to heal and begin the rewarding work so you can evolve in your mind, body, and spirit? If so, Mindful Living is for you. Connect with Stephanie today to start your journey of healing, recovery, and wellness. You are worth it.

“It’s another validation of you Steph, you as a therapist, a great person and someone who can make people not only look inside themselves but your able to make them better people! Hope all is well with you! Miss ya and love ya as one of the most inspirational people in my life.” – Chris